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This is the new location of Kutzer Media. This site is the temporary home of class work for Multimedia Production. In coming time it will have its own media regarding personal photography, videography and video game footage. Please enjoy the media on this page.

About Me

Hi there! Welcome to this wonderful blog! My name is Tristan Kutzer. I was born and raised in the state of Wyoming. This blog seems out of the blue but it has a purpose! This blog is for a multimedia production course but maybe, just maybe, I can take it further and make it a real personal website/blog.

In my personal time I enjoy playing video games for long periods of time. If I get the opportunity, I enjoy shooting short films with my friends and even going out and taking photos. I enjoy editing audio and video and hope to find a new love for photo editing.

By the end of my college career, I want to be making films. I would like to be involved with media production for movies or other forms of content. I would also be happy moving into a professional career in photojournalism.



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